Tymensen, Wilco
Associate Superintendent
Darroch, Amber - Learner Services
Johansen, Philip - Finance and Operations
Richardson, Anita - Programs & Human Services
Laqua, Sheila - Executive Secretary
Family School Liaison Program
Miller, Angela - Clinical Team Leader
Petite, Brandon - Counsellor/Family Connections Project Manager
Atkinson, Kelsey - Family Connections Worker
Blake, Joel - Child and Youth Care Worker
Davis, Amy - Counsellor
Heller, Rylee - Family Connections Worker/Child and Youth Care Worker
Hengeveld, Jennifer - Counsellor
Jankowiak, Glen - Counsellor
Luskey, Sara - Family Connections Worker
Mueller, Melanie - Counsellor
Odland, Tara - Counsellor
Otte, Ashley - Counsellor
Sawatzky, Dionne - Family Connections Worker
Sowinski, Lisa - First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Liaison Worker
Mills, Dorthea - Communications and Information Coordinator
Steed, Jim - Network Administrator
Harmon, David - Network Administrator
Shimbashi, Cheryl - Transportation Coordinator/
Human Resources
Sorensen, LeAn - Payroll & Personnel
Killinger, Deanna - Human Resource Coordinator
Dongworth, Diane - Accounts Payable
Miller, Jason - Director of Finance
Heide, Jake - Facilities Manager
Student Services
Charlebois, Robbie - Director of Learning
Johnson, Andra - Supervisor of Early Learning
Boulay, Elisha - Secretary of Learner Services
Elliott, Laura - Behaviour Consultant
Hill, JoAnn - Speech Language Pathologist
James, Coral - Learner Success Coach
Van Seters, Pamela - Secretary of Learner Services
Duncan, Terri-Lynn - Director of Learning
Kutanzi, Johanna - Principal of Hutterian Brethan Schools
McGregor, Crystal - Secondary Literacy/English Language Learning Coach
Skretting, Sharon - Assessment Coach
Sparks, Joanne - Secretary Hutterian Brethren Schools
Board of Trustees
Anderson, Rick - Ward 3 - Taber/Barnwell
Baron, Derek - Ward 4 - Warner/Grassy Lake
Crowson, Jennifer - Ward 2 - Vauxhall/Hays
Francis, Bruce - Vice Chair/Ward 3 - Taber/Barnwell
Logan, Marie - Board Chair/Ward 1 - Lomond/Enchant
Lowry, Blair - Ward 3 - Taber/Barnwell
Michaelis, Terry - Ward 5 - Milk River/Coutts