Science Olympics 2019

Congratulations to our Science Olympics winners!

It was a great competition this year saw Team Hays take home the banner for Overall Winners, Team Barnwell won the Rube Goldberg event, Team Chamberlain won the Card Tower Event and Team Horizon MAP won first in the Wind Turbine event. Congratulations! Your schools are very proud of well your team worked together and your accomplishment at placing at a Division-wide event.

Thank you to this year's sponsors to Science Olympics:

Blue Earth for a 500.00 donation toward the purchase of the generators for the wind turbine event

Lethbridge Casino- Donated all the card decks for our card tower event

Co-Op Taber- For the donation of water bottles for the event

Sandstone Restaurant Milk River- for a discount on the Pizza for lunch

   Team Barnwell - Rube Goldberg Winners

   Team Chamberlain - Card Tower Winners

   Team Horizon MAP - Wind Turbine Winners

   Team Hays - Overall Winners

  Vickie - Shirt Designer. Thank you for your artistic talents on this year's shirt design.