Edwin Parr Nominee

The Board of Trustees is very pleased to be able to announce that Amy Shim is their 2019-2020 Edwin Parr Nominee. Amy is currently a grade 1 teacher at Dr. Hamman School and has a natural ability to connect with students. She is always smiling and uses language aligned with a growth mindset to motivate and keep kids positive. She is genuinely interested in them as people and then again as students. She can be observed crouching down to get to the student’s eye level when addressing them and speaking in a calm and supportive tone. She incorporates celebrations for learning growth, student achievement and individual student celebrations within her classroom. Amy is highly skilled at varying instructional methods to suit the needs of all learners. She has been observed teaching through direct instruction, facilitating centers and small group activities. She is a master at creating engaging activities and maximizing instructional time. Amy’s students report a strong sense of connection with Miss Shim and show great trust in their interactions with her.