Board of Trustees approves Horizon's 2018-2019 Budget

The Board recognizes the importance of front-line staff in the classroom, supporting all of our schools and meeting the needs of all students. All decisions are guided by the jurisdiction’s key priorities: (1) strong instruction, and (2) intervention to meet the needs of students.

At the May 23 Board meeting, the Board of Trustees passed Budget 2018, based on the March 22, 2018 provincial budget. Budgets 2018 was approved with an $800,000 deficit. 

Budget 2018 maintains some of the best teacher staffing levels in Alberta and easily meets the provincial class size recommendations. Budget 2018 contains no funding cuts to the jurisdiction’s centralized inclusive learning budget which provides school based support staff for students with complex needs. In fact, 2018-2019 will see more assistants working to support students with complex needs than in 2017-2018.

The Board’s decision to approve $800,000 from reserves demonstrates their ongoing commitment to enhancing teachers and support staff in classrooms to bolster student success.

The Board recognizes it cannot draw on reserves indefinitely. As reserves are depleted difficult decisions will need to be made. While school budgets do contain reductions, the Board is confident that school leader’s will be able to mitigate the impact in the classroom through wise use of school reserves and additional supports provided by the recently announced classroom improvement fund.

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We look forward to continuing to engage all stakeholders, as student success truly is a collective endeavor.