Edwin Parr Nominee


Every school board has excellent first year teachers. These individuals may acquire an additional level of recognition by being nominated for the ASBA Edwin Parr Teacher Award.  The Horizon School Division is excited to announce Taylor McKechnie as our 2018 Edwin Parr Nominee. Taylor is a grades 2/3 teacher at Chamberlain School in Grassy Lake.

Here is a little bit of history on the Edwin Parr Awards:

Edwin Parr homesteaded in the Meanook area near Athabasca in 1920.  Prior to 1925, he began his long career in educational affairs as a member of the board with George Lake School Division.  He served as chair of the board with the Athabasca School Division and was on the council of the County of Athabasca from its formation in 1959 until his death in January 1963.  Edwin Parr was president of the Alberta Trustees’ Association from 1956 to 1962.  “Ed Parr” as he was known to all, instituted an “Annual Teacher Award” in his school system.  Each year a member of the teaching staff was chosen to receive a gold watch and an appropriate certificate for a long meritorious service.

In searching for a way in which his memory might be perpetuated and to honor the profession he so deeply respected, the Alberta School Trustees’ Association established the Edwin Parr teacher Award in 1964.