Milk River Value Management Press Release

In May 2016, Alberta Education facilitated a value management session with the Horizon School Division and Milk River community stakeholder representatives to explore what a modernization of Erle Rivers High School may look like. Following the Value Management session, the Alberta Government added Erle Rivers modernization onto its Capital Plan (currently contains 50 unfunded projects of which ERHS is one).

On December 7 and 8, 2017, Alberta Education facilitated a more comprehensive value management session to more fully explore Horizon School Division’s options for Milk River. Representatives from school council (parents), Erle River student body, school staff and administration (both Milk River Elementary School and Erle Rivers High School), Town of Milk River, and County of Warner, met with Horizon School Division trustees, Horizon senior administration, Alberta Education, Alberta Infrastructure, architects, and cost consultants to look at a total of five options.

  1. Partial demolition, and modernization of remaining ERHS with no modernization of MRE (the option from the 2016 value management session)
  2. Full demolition of ERHS, modernization of MRE and the addition of new construction (a new gym and high school classrooms) at MRE that would turn MRE into a K-12 school
  3. Full demolition/disposal of MRE, partial demolition and modernization of remaining ERHS, and the addition of new construction (elementary classrooms) at ERHS that would turn ERHS into a K-12 school
  4. Full demolition of ERHS and creation of a new Gr. 6-12 school
  5. Full demolition of ERHS, full demolition/disposal of MRE, and creation of a new K-12 school

All five options were explored and evaluated using a number of performance attributes

The information, including stakeholder perspectives, that was generated as well as engineering and costing reports that will be created following the value management session will provide Horizon’s Board of Trustees and Alberta Education with improved organizational decision making and ultimately assist them with determining which of the options to approve. No Government of Alberta decision has been made with regard to a timeline, scope of work, or project budget. The Board will be discussing the matter more fully at upcoming Board meetings as they prepare their capital plan for spring submission to Alberta Education. Currently the Milk River school project is the Board’s number one priority and the Board remains optimistic with regard to government approval given the second value management session.