New W.R. Myers Vice Principal commencing the 2017-2018 school year

Horizon School Division Welcomes

New W.R. Myers High School Vice Principal,  Bryan Pritchard

June 20, 2017

Horizon School Division No. 67 is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Bryan Pritchard as the new vice principal of W.R. Myers High School commencing the 2017-2018 school year.

Bryan has been with Horizon School Division No. 76 for the past 2 years serving as the Principal for Hays school and looks forward to the new leg of his career, as he moves into the role of Vice Principal for W.R. Myers High School.

During his time at Hays school Bryan indicates that he has worked diligently in learning supports and has learned a great deal about English Language Learners. He has shared his experience and knowledge with his colleagues by leading learning communities and opening his classroom to fellow teachers, “sharing literacy and technology ideas and practices, assessment strategies and for collaboration and reflection.”

Bryan also prides himself on having made “great strides in building community” stating his focus has always been to “maintain strong channels of communication to strengthen student learning experiences” and the Accountability Pillar and increased community supports have been the indicators of success.

Bryan states he appreciates the support he has received, from the division and community, during his time with Hays School but now, as part of his growth plan, it is time for him to join a school level leadership team at a larger location.

Please join us in congratulating Bryan on his new title.

Marie Logan, Board Chair