Edwin Parr Nominee

We are extremely pleased to announce our 2016-2017 nominee for the Edwin Parr Award, Miss Kassidy Nyrose!

Through her kind, genuine personality and with an effective collaborative relationship with her staff, Kassidy has created a safe and caring classroom environment that effectively promotes social and academic development in her kindergarten classroom at Barnwell School.  Miss Nyrose demonstrates a thorough understanding of quality teaching, how to effectively incorporate technology and that differentiated instructional strategies are imperative to reaching all learners. Ongoing consideration, reflection and collaboration with others allows her to understand the variables that exist within her classroom and in response, to develop appropriate and effective learning opportunities for all of her students.

Her principal, Mr. Hoyt, elaborated on her value to their school community outside of the classroom by commenting, “Kassidy has integrated perfectly with the staff at Barnwell School and has become an important part of this school community.  She volunteers wherever she feels that she can be of help; this would include helping coach basketball, planning school events such as the Christmas concert, or just being a helpful hand in gathering supplies for the many sporting events that we have at this school… Kassidy has had an impact on the entire school; not just the kindergarten kids.”

Congratulations Kassidy!  Thank you for joining our Horizon family, Kassidy!  We wish you well as your nomination moves forward and for the remainder of your teaching career.